pE-400max with Control Pod


Building on the success of the popular pE-300 Series, the pE-400max is the most advanced Illumination System of the pE-400 Series. Four powerful LEDs can be individually controlled via software, TTL, Lightbridge GUI and manual control pod to meet the needs of demanding everyday fluorescence microscopy and optogenetics applications using the most popular fluorophores, ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5.

pE 400 Series Normalised Spectrum
Capture high-speed events

The pE-400max offers both global and individual channel TTL triggering.

For capturing fast events in multi-stained samples, users can capitalise on high-speed <10 µs TTL triggering by utilising optional filter holders. These can accommodate single-band excitation filters in the optical path of each channel, as shown below:

pE-400 no filter wheel diagram

pE 400max filter holders with blue background

Optional filter holders sold separately











pE 400max LG with filter holders and pod and reflection BLUE

pE-400max liquid light guide with optional filter holders attached

High-speed imaging is achieved with the pE-400max thanks to <10 µs TTL triggering and optional filter holders. In this setup, individual LED channel switching is controlled via TTL triggering, and single-band excitation filters are housed in the Light Source as part of a Pinkel configuration (where multi-band dichroic and emission filters are housed in a filter cube). This overcomes the cost and latency restrictions of a filter wheel, presenting a cost-effective approach to multi-channel imaging.

For live cell imaging applications, events can now be captured that might previously have been missed. Read our white paper to compare the benefits and trade-offs of different possible illumination configurations.

Affordable automation with Sequence Runner

The popular Sequence Runner program combines the versatility of software with high-speed TTL, with minimal requirement for expensive electronic hardware. Once an LED and irradiance sequence are specified, the sequence cycles through automatically – with triggering synchronised via the global TTL-in of the pE-400max and a single TTL-out from a camera. When combined with inline filters, this transforms a manual microscope into a cost-effective four-channel automated imaging system.

Protecting your samples

Tight hardware synchronisation not only increases temporal resolution, but also means samples are exposed only during acquisition, protecting against photobleaching and phototoxicity and pushing the boundaries of time-lapse studies.

In the LightBridge graphical user interface (see below), live samples can be further protected by balancing the irradiance to the lowest level possible while still maintaining image quality, with control in 1% steps up to 100%. And the more life-like a cell behaves, the more valuable a data set becomes.

Intuitive control

For quick and simple operation, the pE-400max can be controlled with manual control pod. For more complex experiments, sophisticated control is possible with third-party imaging software (via USB Type B connection) and users can benefit from full integration into µManager.

pE400 Lightbridge

The user-friendly pE-400max LightBridge Graphical User Interface (GUI), provides an additional layer of control, with options including:

  • On/off control
  • LED selection
  • Real time irradiance control
  • Sequence Runner
  • Save and load pre-sets
  • pE-400max start-up settings
Sustainable illumination

The compact pE-400max Illumination System builds on award-winning CoolLED technology, with stable and reliable performance and ultra-low power consumption. The sustainability benefits go beyond energy efficiency, and by removing the need for toxic mercury, the pE-400max is a natural choice for cleaner, greener labs.

Fit to your microscope

The compact pE-400max is compatible with the majority of microscope models, with two light delivery configurations available: direct fit and liquid light guide.

Direct fit variants achieve higher irradiance by directly connecting to the microscope via dedicated microscope adaptors, with a simple once-only adjustment optimising the optical path of the microscope. Not only do these variants avoid extra loss of irradiance as the liquid light guide degrades over time, but they are also more cost-effective. This is because they avoid the need to replace the liquid light guide when it comes to the end of its life.


CoolLED Liquid Light Guide

If there is a requirement to keep the source of illumination remote from the microscope, liquid light guide variants are available. These require a fixed 3 mm diameter liquid light guide, and an optional pE-Universal Collimator can be specified in conjunction with a microscope adaptor if required.

Match your DAPI filters

DAPI can be excited at either 365 nm or 400 nm and microscopes typically have a filter set which allows one or other of these wavelengths to be transmitted.  To accommodate this, the pE-400max can be specified in one of two waveband configurations to match existing filter sets within the microscope.

A microscope which is populated with a number of single band (“SB”) filter sets will typically have DAPI excitation at 365 nm and a microscope with multi-band (“MB”) filter(s) has excitation at 400 nm.  The user can specify the configuration which is appropriate for their microscope.

  • 4 channels can be individually controlled, with any simultaneously running at 100%
  • Broad spectrum from 365-635 nm, ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5.
  • Seamless integration into compatible third-party imaging software and cost-effective high-speed imaging with pE-6501 USB controlled TTL trigger box
  • <10 µs global and channel TTL triggering for high-speed imaging
  • Optimised irradiance control in 1% steps (0-100%)
  • Sequence Runner for software control with speed of TTL
  • Optional inline excitation filter holders: no moving parts for high-speed imaging
  • Simple control pod for intuitive manual operation
  • pE-400max LightBridge graphical user interface (GUI) for intuitive digital operation
  • Direct fit available for higher irradiance with selected/all major microscope models
  • Light delivery also available via liquid light guide

Plus all the benefits afforded by LED Illumination Systems, such as sustainability and longevity.

The system comprises a pE-400max Light Source, power supply and control pod for operation and access to settings and usage history.


Manual control for instant on/off and irradiance control (1% steps from 0 – 100%)

Individual channels can be selected/deselected and controlled independently as desired


Via global and individual channel TTL for on/off control of selected channels using a BNC connection on the Light Source

Triggering speed <10 µs at full power


Remote via USB (Type B) for imaging software control (see Imaging Software)

Sequence Runner:

Single TTL input to step through user defined sequence

Triggering speed <10 µs at full power


Variant selection

Light delivery:

Direct fit variants are coupled to the microscope via CoolLED epi-fluorescent microscope adaptor. Liquid Light Guide variants require a fixed 3 mm diameter liquid light guide and optional pE-Universal Collimator to be specified in conjunction with a microscope adaptor if required.

UV wavelength:

SB variant features 365 nm LED.

MB variant features 400 nm LED.


Power requirements:
100-240 V a.c. 50/60 Hz

Power consumption:

pE-400 Series At the wall (includes power supply unit consumption)
Standby 2 W
Full white irradiance 80 W



pE-400max Light Source: 243 mm (w) x 102 mm (d) x 197 mm (h).  Weight 2.1 kg
pE-400max Control Pod: 125 mm (w) x 90 mm (d) x 40 mm (h).  Weight 0.3 kg
pE-400max Power Supply: 167 mm(w) x 67 mm(d) x 35 mm(h) Weight 0.62 kg


In-field firmware upgrade capability

Environment and Safety
  • Mercury-free and laser-free
  • Energy Efficient
  • Long lifetime
  • No bulb replacements
  • Reduced risk of eye damage
  • Quiet operation
  • No special disposal regulations or issues

Industry-leading 36 months. Read more here. 

All data correct at time of publication

pE400 All Channel Spectrum Graph FINAL 01
pE-400 Series MB Spectrum graph
pE-400 Series SB Spectrum graph

We are often asked about the power, intensity or irradiance of CoolLED Illumination Systems. The answer is not as simple as you might believe from many websites and data sheets, and it can be difficult to compare data from these sources as measuring set ups differ.

Photons are also lost as light travels from the light source to sample plane. The only way to objectively compare light sources is by measuring irradiance at the sample plane.  To understand why we use the term irradiance and how to measure and compare light sources with accuracy and precision, download our white paper. Or please contact us if you have further questions.

For performance data, please contact us

The scientific community is driving change across academia, industry and government to make laboratories more sustainable. When it comes to fluorescence microscopy illumination, switching to the pE-400 Series can help laboratories meet their sustainability targets, by consuming less energy and avoiding the use of toxic mercury.

“It’s great to see how My Green Labs and CoolLED are helping to move things ahead in the area of laboratory sustainability”. – Todd Lynch, UCLA Capital Programs

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Light SourceApplicationTypeCoolLED LEDChromaSemrock
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 55059017 ET eCFP/eYFPCelesta-CFP/YFP-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband365/400, 450, 55069401 – ET – 380/55-470/30-557/35 Multi LED setLED-DA/FI/TX-A-000
pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband400, 450, 55069013v2 – ET – DAPI/Green/Orange #1 FISHDA/FI/TR-A-000
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband365/400, 450, 550, 63589406 – ET – 384-48/479-33/554-24/638-31 Wide UV Multi LEDLED-DA/FI/TR/Cy5-B-000
pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband400, 450,550,635DA/FI/TR/Cy5-A-000
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 550FITC/TxRed-A-000
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle55049003 ET-eYFPYFP-A-BASIC
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle55049065 ET-eYFPLED-YFP-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle550YFP-2427B
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle450, 55049064 ET -eYFP LED Wide f/ pE-300
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle550Avant-YFP  AF01-504/24  AF521-Di01  AF01-539/27
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle450, 55049064 ET-eYFP Wide
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 55059011 – ET – Green/Orange #1 FISH
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband400, 55059003 v2 ET DAPI/Red FISH
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 550GFP/DsRed-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 55059012 – ET – Green/Orange #2 FISH
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 55059033 ET Aqua/Gold FISH
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle365 or 40049053 ET – DAPI for 355-405nm LEDs
pE-400max SBFluorescenceSingle36539000 AT DAPI/Hoechst/AlexaFluor 350LED-DAPI-B
pE-400max SBFluorescenceSingle36549000 ET Dapi
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle45049001 ET eCFPLED-CFP-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle45049013 – ET – TFP (Teal FP)LED-mTFP-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle45049002 ET – EGFP (FITC/Cy2)GFP-4050B
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle45039002 AT – EGFP/FITC/Cy2/AlexaFluor 488GFP-A-Basic
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle45049054 ET – GFP for 455-465nm LEDs
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle55049004 ET Cy3/TRITCTxRed-4040C
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle55049005 ET DSRed (TRITC/Cy3)LED-TRITC-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle55049055 ET – Wide mCherry/Texas Red for 540-580nm LEDs
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle55049056 – ET – Narrow mCherry/Texas Red for 540-580nm LEDs
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle55049008 ET – mCherry, Texas Red®YFP-2427B
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle55039010 AT – Texas Red/mCherry/AlexaFluor 594LED-mCherry-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle550 & 63549006 ET CY5Cy5-4040C
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle550 & 63539007 AT – Cy5/AlexaFluor 647/Draq5
pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle40049021 ET – EBFP2/Coumarin/Attenuated DAPILED-DAPI-B
pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle40049028 ET – DAPI for 395nm
pE-400max MBFluorescenceSingle63549009 – ET – Cy5 Narrow Excitation
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband365 or 400, 450, 55069401 – ET – 380/55-470/30-557/35 Multi LED setLED-DA/FI/TX-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 550GFP/DsRed-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 55059022 ET – EGFP/mCherry (or FITC/TxRed)FITC/TxRed-A
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband400, 45059001v2 ET DAPI/Green FISH
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband400, 55059002v2 ET – DAPI/Orange FISH
pE-400max SB, pE-400max MBFluorescenceMultiband450, 55059022 ET – EGFP/mCherry (or FITC/TxRed)FITC/TxRed-A
pE-400-MX-D-SB-YYY-ZZ pE-400max direct fit Illumination System with exchangeable microscope adaptor to customer-specified microscope, remote manual control pod, and power supply.  Single Band filter set configuration
pE-400-MX-D-MB-YYY-ZZ pE-400max direct fit Illumination System with exchangeable microscope adaptor to customer-specified microscope, remote manual control pod, and power supply.  Multi-Band filter set configuration.
pE-400-MX-L-SB-SYS-ZZ pE-400max Illumination System for use with 3 mm Liquid Light Guide.  Single band filter configuration.  Includes light source, control pod & power supply
pE-400-MX-L-MB-SYS-ZZ pE-400max Illumination System for use with 3 mm Liquid Light Guide.  Multi-band filter configuration.  Includes light source, control pod & power supply


pE-1906 1.5 m long, 3 mm diameter liquid light guide
pE-10400-YYY Universal Collimator & customer-specified adaptor
pE-400-EFH-2 Set of 2 Excitation Filter Holders – to hold four filters (25 mm &  32 mm dia.)
pE-6501 USB-TTL Conversion Kit


To specify microscope code (YYY), see Adaptors

To specify Power Cable (ZZ):  10 = Australia, 20 = Europe, 30 = UK, 40 = USA

USB-TTL Conversion kit

USB-TTL Conversion kit

pE-Universal Collimator

pE-Universal Collimator

Liquid Light Guide

Liquid Light Guide

Excitation Filter Holders

Excitation Filter Holders



We are working to fully integrate the pE-400max into all major third party imaging software programs, but in the meantime you can use the pE-6501 USB controlled TTL trigger box for software control.

The CoolLED pE Driver is first required for software integration, and can be downloaded here.

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Contact CoolLED for further information.