In this video, Danielle Love explains how to set up µManager imaging software for the CoolLED pE-300 Series.


Danielle explains how to set up the CoolLED pE-4000 in µManager.

The CoolLED pE-6501 is a USB controlled TTL trigger box which allows seamless integration of compatible CoolLED Illumination Systems into major software packages. In this video, Field Sales Manager Chris Deeks explains how to configure the pE-6501 in µManager imaging software.

Field Sales Manager, Chris Deeks, explains how to configure µManager imaging software for CoolLED pE-800 and pE-6501-8, and how to set up an experiment. The other model in the pE-800 Series, the pE-800fura, features different wavelengths but the same steps explained in this video also apply.