The pE-800 Series includes two sophisticated yet easy-to-use LED Illumination Systems, featuring eight individually controllable channels, industry-leading < 7 µs TTL switching and a host of advanced control options. While the pE-800 is designed for everyday fluorescence, the pE-800fura builds on its success to offer the most comprehensive system for calcium imaging and ratiometric applications.

The pE-800 Series is available in the Amora Series: our proven off-the-shelf product range adapted to offer unparalleled customisation opportunities.
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Features pE-800 pE-800fura
Broad spectrum from 365-740 nm, covering DAPI-Cy7
Broad spectrum from 340-635 nm (Fura-2-Cy5), covering popular calcium indicators, pH indicators, opsins and general fluorophores
Dedicated 340 nm and 380 nm LEDs for Fura-2 imaging
8 selectable channels offer versatility with any channels selectable simultaneously at 100 %
Individual control of selected LED wavelengths reduces background noise
Industry-leading <7 μs TTL triggering for high-speed imaging
Sequence Runner for software control with speed of TTL
Removable inline excitation filter holders: no moving parts for high-speed imaging
Filters included for 340 and 380 nm
Software, TTL, analogue control options for optimised illumination
Optimised irradiance control in 1 % steps (2-100 %) and fine control from 0-2 %
UV optimised optics
Light delivery via liquid Light Guide for maximum compatibility