Mercury Free Microscopy

In the world of microscopy, scientists, researchers, and professionals across various industries rely on cutting-edge technologies to unlock the secrets of the microscopic world.

However, this progress has come at a cost to our environment, with traditional illumination sources like mercury, metal halide and halogen lamps contributing to pollution and posing health risks.

That’s why we here at CoolLED are committed to revolutionising the world of mercury free microscopy with sustainable and environmentally friendly LED illumination. When it comes to fluorescence microscopy, our mission is to eliminate the harmful use of mercury to make science cleaner, safer, and more sustainable.

About CoolLED and Mercury Free Microscopy

Our mission is driven by a commitment to advancing scientific research and medical diagnostics through high-quality, energy-efficient LED illumination solutions. We are dedicated to empowering researchers, clinicians, and professionals across various industries with innovative products that enhance the precision and reliability of fluorescence microscopy and imaging techniques.

At CoolLED, we believe in minimising our environmental impact and contributing to a sustainable future. Our goal is to provide the tools that enable groundbreaking discoveries and improve the quality of life through the work of our valued customers. Since our team of four introduced the first commercially available LED Illumination System in 2006, we have led the way in transforming LED microscope lighting for fluorescence microscopy and transmitted illumination. Now we are a fast-growing, globally recognised company with a vast product range and technical expertise spanning optical engineering and the life sciences.

Read on to find out more and join us in our journey to illuminate the path toward a brighter future.

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    The Hidden Threat of Mercury

    A Toxic Legacy

    Mercury, a toxic heavy metal, has long been a staple in microscopy illumination. Historically, it provided a steady and intense light source, making it essential for various microscopic applications. However, behind the bright facade lies a dark secret; its environmental impact is devastatingly severe.

    Mercury is harmful to human health and ecosystems. When mercury-containing lamps are disposed of improperly, they release toxic vapours into the atmosphere, which can be inhaled by humans and harm wildlife.

    Furthermore, this pollution doesn’t dissipate easily; it accumulates in the environment, posing long-term risks. When mercury lamps break or are discarded, the mercury can enter water bodies, where it undergoes chemical changes and accumulates in fish. This bioaccumulation affects the entire food chain, impacting human health and causing ecosystem disruption.


    CoolLED’s Mercury Free Microscopy Product Range

    LED lighting systems are available for fluorescence microscopy and transmitted light applications.
    Take a look at our product range to discover which system is best suited to your requirements.

    My Green Labs ACT Label

    The ACT label is a symbol of sustainability and environmental consciousness in the laboratory. It signifies our dedication to reducing the environmental impact of scientific research and medical diagnostics.

    In October 2017, My Green Lab launched ACT, the first environmental impact factor label for laboratory products. ACT (accountability, consistency, transparency) is designed to provide critical information on the environmental impact of laboratory products. “The ACT label makes it possible for scientists and procurement specialists to choose safe, sustainable products by focusing on the impact of making, using, and disposing of a product and its packaging,” says Allison Paradise, executive director of My Green Lab.

    As such, ACT is the premier eco-label for laboratory consumables, chemicals and reagents, and equipment.

    A Mark of Sustainability

    CoolLED is extremely proud to have the ACT Label for two of our Illumination System series.

    The award-winning pE-300 Series is a range of LED Illumination Systems for Fluorescence Microscopy, Optogenetics, Electrophysiology and high-speed microscopy applications. It comprises 3 systems providing a solution that covers a range of everyday fluorescence microscopy; from the simple pE-300lite through the classic pE-300white to the highly controllable pE-300ultra.

    Recently, our pE-400 Series also received ACT label accreditation.

    The pE-400 Series delivers the most advanced yet cost-effective illumination for routine to advanced fluorescence microscopy applications. Four powerful LEDs offer broad spectral coverage from 365-635 nm for use with fluorophores ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5.

    While the bright white pE-400 offers the ideal lamp replacement, the four-channel pE-400max enhances performance in applications where speed and control is crucial, such as live cell imaging and optogenetics.

    pE-400 Series ACT label

    A Green Revolution in Microscopy

    CoolLED Ltd stands at the forefront of a green revolution in microscopy. We are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of scientific research and healthcare by eliminating the use of mercury and metal halide lamps.

    Responsible Manufacturing

    We prioritise sustainability in every aspect of our business. Our LED products are manufactured whilst minimising waste and energy consumption, and we’re proud to be working towards ISO 14001 accreditation.

    Recycling and Disposal

    We promote responsible disposal and recycling of our products. We offer recycling services for our LED illumination systems, ensuring that they do not harm the environment when they reach the end of their lifecycle.


    The shift to LED illumination for microscopy offers a host of environmental advantages:


    Reduced Carbon Footprint

    LEDs consume significantly less energy than their mercury and halogen counterparts, resulting in a substantial reduction in carbon emissions. By choosing our LED solutions, you are actively contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future. LEDs offer instant illumination without the warm-up time required by some traditional lamps. This ensures quicker and more efficient work, saving valuable time and energy in scientific research and medical diagnostics.

    Mercury Free

    LEDs eliminate the risks associated with mercury exposure and contamination. This ensures the safety of laboratory personnel, researchers, and the environment.

    Longer Lifespan

    LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to traditional illumination sources, reducing the frequency of replacement and waste generation. A mercury lamp consumes more than 10 times more energy over 25,000 hours of use compared to a CoolLED pE-300ultra, with a potential saving of £30,000.

    Improved Research Benefits

    Mercury free microscopy offers more than just environmental advantages:

    Precision and Stability

    LEDs provide stable and consistent illumination, enhancing the quality and reliability of your microscopy experiments. When it comes to transmitted illumination, colour temperature remains constant as irradiance is increased/decreased which makes colour balancing unnecessary and improves standardisation between sessions.

    Reduced Heat Generation

    Unlike mercury and halogen lamps, LEDs emit minimal heat, preserving specimen integrity and reducing the risk of heat-induced damage.

    Energy Efficiency

    Our mercury free LED illumination systems are energy-efficient, translating to cost savings and reduced energy bills.

    Join the Mercury Free Microscopy Revolution

    Be Part of the Change

    The transition to mercury free microscopy is a collective effort. By choosing LED illumination systems, you become an integral part of this green revolution; contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

    Fluorescence microscopy is a cornerstone of scientific research and discovery, but it should not come at the cost of human health and environmental wellbeing. We invite you to join us on this transformative journey because our dedication to eliminating mercury lamps is not just an ecological choice; it’s a step towards safer, cleaner, and more efficient scientific research and a better future for us all.

    Sustainability Partnerships

    CoolLED collaborates with research institutions, universities, and organisations worldwide to promote sustainability in microscopy. Together, we can drive innovation and protect the environment for future generations. Join us in the mission to protect our environment, improve research outcomes, and build a brighter future. Together, we can illuminate the path to a sustainable tomorrow, one LED at a time.

    Explore our innovative mercury free LED solutions and embrace the future of microscopy today.

    Contact us to learn more about how CoolLED can revolutionise your microscopy experience while reducing your environmental impact.

    CoolLED Ltd – Lighting the way to a greener future in microscopy