industry and innovation

Operating in the global scientific community brings with it a level of resilience, which we experienced during the Covid pandemic.

We went a step further, safeguarding jobs across the business by supporting remote working where possible, and our large facility allowed for a shift scheme to continue manufacturing.

Our microscopy illumination technology also builds resilience for our customers and end users.

As many countries start to ban mercury, CoolLED technology provides sustainable and resilient technology in light microscopy illumination, while also enabling innovation in the areas of high-speed imaging and minimising photodamage.


Innovation Awards and Patents

We hold numerous patents for our innovative LED technology, and have won several awards for our innovation, such as:

  • Test Valley Innovation & Technology award 2017
  • Microscopy Today award
  • Prism Award Finalist 2014 for innovations with the pE-4000

    We are wholly committed to achieving our Sustainable Development Goals and have given ourselves measurable targets to aim for in the future.
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