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Gender Equality is bigger than CoolLED,

We feel we have a responsibility to foster equality at a local and national level by empowering girls in STEM,
through regularly taking part in science outreach events such as TeenTech and Get Inspired.

We aim to reset the balance of the male/female divide within STEM careers and our regular training opportunities also help CoolLED colleagues progress into leadership positions, and into engineering roles.

At the time of writing, the breakdown of gender diversity within CoolLED is as follows:

Directors:  3 Male / 1 Female

Management:  3 Male / 3 Female

Rest of Company:  24 Male / 20 Female

This is spread across our entire company, within different departments, where we see a range of male and female colleagues in our business support and admin team, engineering, sales and marketing, as well as production.

Gender Diversity
Age Range diversity (1)

Community Careers and STEM Events


  • TeenTech run engaging, hands-on, sharply focused events helping young people understand the real opportunities in contemporary industry. 
  • Their Festival Days bring together students from up to 50 schools across a region and up to 150 industry specialists from a wide range of companies for a day of hands-on challenges and experiments. 
  • We have supported this event for over 5 years and will continue to do so in 2023 and beyond.

Get Inspired / Local School Events

  • ‘Get Inspired’ is all about businesses inspiring young people about the diversity of jobs available on their doorstep
  • It allows 11 to 16 year-olds the opportunity, through interactive activities, to gain a real understanding of the broad range of exciting career paths on offer in and around the area  
  • It inspires young people to aspire to job roles in your industry as young people often don’t know particular jobs or roles exist or what they involve
  • Our work with local secondary schools is a proactive way for us to give back to our community and support the economic growth of the local area

Another part of this goal is to build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

CoolLED’s parent company, Judges Scientific, ensures we achieve this by adhering to several policies:

“Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to our ongoing business success. It reminds us of the need to minimise our impact on the environment, encourages us to pay attention to the needs of our customers, employees, and other stakeholders, and to build engagement with local communities.”

– Judges Scientific PLC / Strategic Sustainability Report 2022

Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.


Wider corporate social responsibility

    We are wholly committed to achieving our Sustainable Development Goals and have given ourselves measurable targets to aim for in the future.
    To find out more about these aims, please click the button below.