CoolLED pE-Series LED Illumination Systems are designed to be compatible with most microscopes, using specific adaptors. The tool below will help identify the correct adaptor fitting for the make and model of your microscope.

Please contact CoolLED if your microscope is not listed below, and where possible a fitting will be provided for any specified microscope.

For several microscope models we also offer specially designed adaptors.

CoolLED Adaptors

Microscope adaptors are interchangeable between CoolLED systems, except the pE-100. After swapping adaptors, you will need to re-align to the optical path of the new microscope which is a quick and simple task. In direct fit configuration, the pE-100 Illumination System is supplied with a fixed adaptor as specified at time of order and must be returned to CoolLED to change the adaptor.

Adaptors for fluorescence and transmitted ports are listed below. For “Contact” please contact CoolLED so that we can verify the exact fitting as some microscopes models have been supplied with different fittings over a period of time. This will ensure that your CoolLED Illumination System will fit correctly to your microscope.

Find the correct adaptor by first selecting a microscope manufacturer from the drop down menu

Unique solutions

For the following microscopes, specially designed fittings are available to enhance the illumination of each system.

pE 300 38e Horizontal for adaptors page
  • Higher irradiance, lower cost
  • 32E or 33E connects light source to DMi8 infinity port
  • Find out more…
CX43 for adaptors page 2
  • Affordable multi-channel fluorescence
  • Ideal for routine pathology and teaching
  • Find out more…
CoolLED pE 300 Series Olympus U AW Adaptor square
  • The benefits of LED illumination alongside confocal and multiphoton systems
  • 55E connects to U-AW filter wheel
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