CoolLED pE-Series LED Illumination Systems are designed to be compatible with all microscopes, using specific adaptors. The tool below will help identify the correct adaptor fitting for the make and model of your microscope.  Please contact CoolLED if your microscope is not listed below, and where possible a fitting will be provided for any specified microscope.

CoolLED Adaptors

The pE-300 Series (pE-300litepE-300white & pE-300ultra)  for regular fluorescence, pE-340fura for ratiometric calcium imaging and the pE-4000 for research fluorescence

Microscope adaptors are interchangeable between these CoolLED systems. Whether used in a direct configuration on the pE-300white or with the pE-Universal Collimator in conjunction with a light guide, an adaptor appropriate for the microscope can easily be fitted or interchanged. You will need to re-align to the optical path of the new microscope. This is a simple task which will only take a few minutes.

pe-100 for screening fluorescence. In direct fit configuration, the pE-100 illumination system is supplied with a fixed single LED wavelength peak and fixed microscope adaptor as specified at time of order. The light source must be returned to CoolLED to change adaptor. The pE-100 is compatible with a very wide range of current and older microscopes. Where practicable, CoolLED will supply a suitable adaptor if provided with relevant dimensional information to design an adaptor to fit your particular microscope.

pT-100 for transmitted light applications. The pT-100 is a single channel Illumination System for the transmitted port of your microscope and comes in four variants, one broad white output (pT-100-WHT), and three narrower bandwidths (pT-100-525, pT-100-635 and pT-100-770).  Microscope adaptors are interchangeable for use on other makes and models of microscopes. CoolLED will design and supply a suitable adaptor if provided with relevant dimensional information.

Adaptors for fluorescence and transmitted ports are listed below.

For “Contact” please contact CoolLED so that we can verify the exact fitting as some microscopes models have been supplied with different fittings over a period of time. This will ensure that your CoolLED illumination system will fit correctly when you fit it to your microscope.

Find the correct adaptor by first selecting a microscope manufacturer from the drop down menu