Product Support Engineer, Chris Eggington, shows you how to configure and control the three-channel Sequence Runner on the pE-300ultra. This is also applicable to the pE-340fura.

Technical Content Specialist, Dr Isy Goodhand, shows you how to configure and control the eight-channel Sequence Runner on the pE-800 using the Graphical User Interface, The LightBridge.

Sequence Runner enables fast multi-channel switching without expensive software and motorised filter wheels or cube turrets.

Making use of the global TTL connection, LED irradiance and timing sequences can be programmed simply on the control interface – and all that is required is a TTL-out from hardware such as a camera. These tutorial videos show you how to configure and control Sequence Runner on different Illumination Systems.

To compare the benefits and trade-offs of different automated illumination system configurations and understand the advantages of Sequence Runner in more detail, see the white paper: “Automation on a budget: Capturing high-speed multi-labelled events with LED illumination systems”