Cutting edge LED Illumination Systems

CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED Illumination Systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology.

Since our team of four introduced the first commercially available LED Illumination System in 2006, we have led the way in transforming LED microscope lighting for fluorescence microscopy and transmitted illumination. Now we are a fast-growing company in Hampshire with a vast product range and technical expertise spanning optical engineering and the life sciences.

pE-300 Series CO

Simply better control

It’s what our light sources are all about. The simplicity and performance advantages of LED microscopy illumination outcompetes traditional mercury-based systems, while also opening the way to an unprecedented level of control. And this combination can have more impact on acquiring the perfect image than we could ever have imagined. From boosting contrast and minimising phototoxicity to capturing high-speed events, we design LED microscope lighting systems to support researchers and clinicians in uncovering new insights and making breakthrough discoveries.

Need something a little different?

CoolLED technology is also available in OEM and tailor-made configurations for manufacturers who wish to integrate stable, controllable LED illumination into their products.

Amora series family