We’ve achieved a lot, but it doesn’t stop there and we have several ongoing goals

From major projects to small changes:

  • Implement ISO14001 international standard for environmental management systems, with a goal for certification in 2024
  • A journey towards going paperless, reducing paper by 35% by the end of 2023*
  • Improving sustainability of product packaging by the end of 2023*. Focusing on the four products with the highest impact, we will utilise alternative packaging options to reduce overall mass or increase recycled content
  • To begin our journey towards addressing our Scope 3 carbon emissions, we are working hard with all of our suppliers to improve the sustainability of the packaging they use to provide us with their parts
  • Secure ACT label certification for the pE-800 Series
  • Continue to launch innovative LED Illumination Systems to further reduce the need for mercury or halogen
  • Investigate carbon off-setting where flights are necessary for business ventures
  • Promote women in STEM through our continued attendance at events such as TeenTech and Get Inspired
  • Continue our commitment to support both local and global charities with sponsored events throughout the year
  • Continue to play an integral part in the Judges ESG group to drive sustainability across the company group
  • Continue our commitment to staff physical and mental well-being by offering training sessions to all of the CoolLED team

* Currently compiling data as of January 2024

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CoolLED is a growing and ambitious company which recognises the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective Environmental Management System (EMS)
You can read the CoolLED Environmental Policy in full here