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We’ve achieved a lot, but it doesn’t stop there and we have several ongoing goals

From major projects to small changes:

  • Implement ISO14001 international standard for environmental management systems, with a goal for certification in 2024
  • A journey towards going paperless, reducing paper by 35% by the end of 2023
  • Improving sustainability of product packaging by the end of 2023. Focusing on the four products with the highest impact, we will utilise alternative packaging options to reduce overall mass or increase recycled content
  • To begin our journey towards addressing our Scope 3 carbon emissions, we are working hard with all of our suppliers to improve the sustainability of the packaging they use to provide us with their parts
  • Secure ACT label certification for the pE-800 Series
  • Continue to launch innovative LED Illumination Systems to further reduce the need for mercury or halogen
  • Investigate carbon off-setting where flights are necessary for business ventures
  • Promote women in STEM through our continued attendance at events such as TeenTech and Get Inspired
  • Continue our commitment to support both local and global charities with sponsored events throughout the year
  • Continue to play an integral part in the Judges ESG group to drive sustainability across the company group
  • Continue our commitment to staff physical and mental well-being by offering training sessions to all of the CoolLED team
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CoolLED is a growing and ambitious company which recognises the importance of establishing and maintaining an effective Environmental Management System (EMS)
You can read the CoolLED Environmental Policy in full here