Industry Leading Warranty “Swap Out”

At CoolLED we pride ourselves on our product quality.

Should an issue occur and your CoolLED product is not to our normal high standard we provide peace of mind with our industry leading warranty service.

Make sure you’re in the know and check out the terms below.

During the first 12 months from delivery CoolLED will offer a replacement or equivalent Illumination System if we are unable to remotely fix your problem, and we’ll even take care of the carriage charges.

Key benefits:

  • Replacement provided so you can continue your experiment
  • Timely response
  • We take away the stress of dealing with problems

COVID-19 Warranty Policy

Valid from 7th April 2020 until further notice. This temporary amendment to our 9th December 2018 warranty policy is due to CoolLED’s need to comply with UK Government Safe Working guidelines during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Warranty Period is 36 months from the date of despatch of all CoolLED products with the exception of those which have a 340 nm wavelength LED installed where warranty is 36 months from the date of despatch or 3000 hours use whichever is the sooner and non-proprietary products re-sold by CoolLED which carry 12 months warranty or manufacturer’s standard whichever is the longer.

During the first 12 months of the Warranty Period, any product which has become defective due to poor workmanship or faulty materials and where the Buyer has given written notice to CoolLED within 7 days of the defect becoming apparent, CoolLED undertakes at their sole option to continue to try to repair or replace defective goods or to refund a sum equal to the net invoiced value of the defective product on a date to be confirmed in writing by CoolLED that the warranty claim is valid and provided that the Buyer returns the defective product to CoolLED within 14 days otherwise the warranty will be invalid and a charge will be made for any replacement product supplied or refund due. The Warranty Period will continue from the date of despatch of the original light source.

During the Warranty Period from 12 months after despatch until the end of the Warranty Period, CoolLED undertakes to evaluate any properly notified defect. Following evaluation and at CoolLED’s sole option CoolLED shall repair or replace a defect due to faulty components or bad workmanship without charge for materials or labour. Repaired or replacement parts are warranted for the remainder of the original product Warranty Period.

This warranty is only valid if defects have occurred during normal and proper operational use in accordance with CoolLED’s published specifications or if appropriate, to any written specifications accepted in writing by CoolLED and does not extend to the defects which CoolLED considers to be due to faulty or inadequate maintenance or handling by the Buyer or an agent of the Buyer or due to adverse environmental conditions or accident or due to alterations carried out without CoolLED’s prior authorisation in writing. The Buyer warrants that the products, services, designs, specifications or other information provided by the Buyer or its representatives to CoolLED are free from defects. Labour, materials and expenses are billed to the Buyer at the rate in effect at that time for any repairs or products supplied not covered by this warranty. If the supply of product includes any computer hardware or software purchased by CoolLED from third parties, CoolLED’s obligation is limited to transferring to the Buyer any warranty rights that CoolLED may have in relation to such hardware or software. The responsibility of CoolLED is limited to the obligations set out in this warranty in respect of products delivered under the Buyer’s order or in replacement therefore. It is expressly agreed that under no circumstances shall implied or tacit warranty be granted by CoolLED.

Download the CoolLED COVID-19 Warranty Policy