The pE-400 Series delivers the most advanced yet cost-effective illumination for routine to advanced fluorescence microscopy applications. Four powerful LEDs offer broad spectral coverage from 365-635 nm for use with fluorophores ranging from DAPI through YFP to Cy5.

While the bright white pE-400 offers the ideal lamp replacement, the four-channel pE-400max enhances performance in applications where speed and control is crucial, such as live cell imaging and optogenetics.

The pE-400 Series of LED Illumination Systems are available in the Amora Series: our proven off-the-shelf product range adapted to offer unparalleled customisation opportunities.
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Features pE-400 pE-400max
Four powerful LEDs cover DAPI though YFP to Cy5
Manual control pod
Mercury-free, energy-efficient technology
Optimised irradiance control in 1% steps (0-100 %)
Ability to control in imaging software
Global remote triggering (TTL, <10 µs)
Near-silent operation, even at full power
Individual channel triggering (TTL, <10 µs)
Individual channel selection
Individual channel irradiance control
LightBridge graphical user interface
Sequence Runner for affordable automation
Ability to fit inline excitation filter holders: no moving parts for high-speed imaging