What are the benefits of LED Microscope Lighting?

LEDs and LED microscope lighting have come a long way since they were first developed for microscopy in 2006. The wealth of benefits compared to traditional microscope lighting such as mercury and metal halide lamps are driving more and more scientists towards this efficient, highly controllable technology.

CoolLED & LED Microscope Lighting

CoolLED is a fast-growing organisation based in the UK. We draw on the latest technology to design and manufacture a vast range of cutting-edge LED microscope lighting solutions for researchers and clinicians.

Since 2006 when our team of four launched the first commercially available LED illumination system, we have led the way in transforming light source technology. We cover fluorescence microscopy and transmitted light applications, backed by our technical know-how and unique blend of optical engineering and life science expertise.

We also understand that something out of the ordinary is sometimes required, and manufacturers wishing to gain a competitive advantage can now access our world-renowned LED technology in customised configurations at www.OEMIllumination.com.

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    Key Benefits of LED Microscope Lighting Technology:

    LED Microscope Lighting Performance: Being solid-state, LEDs are much more stable over time, leading to a robust level of irradiance and highly repeatable experiments.

    LED Microscope Lighting Control: Unlike mercury and metal halide lamps which require mechanical shutters, electronic control of LEDs is simple and fast. The ability to switch them on and off with precise microsecond timing is perfect for capturing high-speed events, and electronic modulation of irradiance means no more neutral density filters.

    LED Microscope Lighting Convenience: LEDs are long-lived and don’t require tricky alignment. Once you switch them on they are ready to be used.

    LED Microscope Lighting Cost: In addition to saving on components, the longer lifetime of LEDs is cheaper in the long-term. You also avoid specialist disposal charges due to the high-pressure lamp and mercury content. Take a look at this study by Green Light Laboratories.

    LED Microscope Lighting Safety and the Environment: There is no denying that mercury is hazardous, unlike LEDs. LEDs are also more energy efficient, emit much less heat and are in many ways better for the environment.

    CoolLED’s LED Microscope Lighting Product Range

    LED lighting systems are available for fluorescence microscopy and transmitted light applications.
    Take a look at our product range to discover which system is best suited to your requirements.

    Why Choose A Coolled LED Microscope Lighting Solution?

    1. The Technology

    Whether using fluorescence or transmitted light, or a compound or stereomicroscope, high-quality science begins with high-quality microscope components – including the light source.

    Our systems are dedicated to enhancing data generation and interpretation for researchers and clinicians through generating bright, high-contrast images. Unlike standard LEDs, our unique active cooling technology and expert LED assembly enables irradiance levels up to five times greater than other LED microscope lighting options. Thermal management holds the LEDs at a constant temperature, allowing us to drive them more powerfully. This increases irradiance, stability, reliability and lifetime, while offering the lowest energy consumption on the market.
    CoolLED is also the only company to provide direct fit products as an alternative to light delivery with a liquid light guide. This is the most efficient means of light delivery to a microscope and is our most popular type of LED microscope lighting solution. It harnesses more power, while also reducing total cost of ownership thanks to fewer consumables.

    A range of LED lighting products are available with a variety of LEDs and different levels of control. Single wavelength models are ideal for screening applications, and simple white light options are the perfect replacement for a mercury/metal halide lamp. For controllable, everyday fluorescence, the pE-300 Series offers three wavelengths covering all the common fluorophores. Our range extends to the high-end pE-4000 LED microscope lighting solution which offers 16 wavelengths, spanning 365 nm-770 nm. This can excite in the UV region and right through to fluorophores at the IR end of the spectrum (which is ideal for imaging thick samples while protecting against phototoxicity). This even opens up the development of new fluorophores which no longer depend on the emission spectrum of a mercury/metal halide lamp.


    LED Microscope Lighting

    2. A CoolLED Is For Life…

    CoolLED LED lighting systems are renowned for being robust and reliable. In fact, we recently heard from a customer who purchased one of our first ever products on the market, and who told us:
    “Our precisExcite is working in a fantastic manner for over 10 years. It has already contributed to more than 10 publications from the lab and will continue to do so.” – Charles Harata, Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics at the University of Iowa

    But if things do occasionally go wrong, we are there to offer local support through our global network of resellers and Global Sales Team, which means there is always an expert available to help.

    We have a record of >99% on-time delivery in full against acknowledged delivery dates and we pride ourselves on friendly and expert advice whenever it is needed. You will also be covered by our market-leading warranty, which includes three years as standard for all products and a 12 month in-for-out swap if we cannot fix an issue.

    Not sure? Try it out!

    If you’re not sure whether a CoolLED Illumination System is right for you, we can provide a free loan unit for testing, with no obligation to purchase. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.