CoolLED offers a range of options and accessories for use with its LED illumination systems. These complement and enhance the performance of controlled light delivery to a microscope or sample in a number of ways. Products include combiners, dichroic mirrors, filter holders and microscope adaptors. Select a tab below for the various product categories.

The pE-6501 is a USB controlled TTL trigger box which allows seamless integration of the pE-300white, pE-300ultra and pE-340fura into major software packages e.g. cellSens, MetaMorph & uManager.  It also enhances the existing pE-4000 control in these software packages by allowing TTL control.  Download the leaflet here

Product Code:  pE-6501



The rear-mounted pE-Expansion Box is a powerful accessory for the pE-4000 illumination pE-Expansion-Box-Accessories-250system.  It fits directly to the rear of the pE-4000 Light Source and has multiple BNC connections for remote Analogue and TTL control with synch-in and synch-out capability.

Product Code: pE-4000-EB25D      





pE-Breakout-Box-Accessories-250The pE-Breakout Box is designed for use with the pE-2 illumination system and connects directly to the 15-pin D-type connector at the rear of the pE-2 Light Source.  BNC connections allow the user to connect to control software for independent wavelength triggering.

Product Code: 244-10000    





pE-Dual-Adapt-Accessories-250The pE-Dual Adapt allows two illumination systems to be connected physically to the fluorescence port of the microscope at the same time. This enables users to choose between LED illumination or mercury/metal-halide without having to exchange individual source and re-align them on the microscope.

Any CoolLED illumination system can be fitted to the port at 90 degrees with the mercury or metal halide attached to the in-line port. Switching between illumination systems is simply achieved by moving a mirror between 0 and 45 degrees with a lever. The in-line port has an additional manual shutter to prevent the white light from a mercury or metal halide illuminator causing interference when the CoolLED LED illumination system is being used. Download the leaflet here

Product Code: 244-66-YYY

pE-Combiner-Accessories-250pE-Combiners are used to combine two CoolLED illumination systems into a single optical path.  A number of pE-Combiners can be used to support multiple systems on a microscope

An appropriate dichroic mirror is selected in each case to match the LED wavebands in the illumination systems.  This is an excellent configuration for dual staining applications.

The pE-Combiner can be purchased as a package with wavelength-defined pE-100 illumination systems.  An advanced version is available with excitation filter holders for users who wish to filter the excitation light before it enters the microscope or is delivered to the sample. Download the leaflet here

Product Code: 244-94-XXX-XXX-YYY
Product Code: 244-93-XXX-XXX-YYY – includes excitation filter holders

To specify wavelength (XXX) see LED Wavelengths
To specify microscope code (YYY) see Adaptors Click here for pE- Combiner & pE-Dual Adapt datasheet

pE-Adaptors-Accessories-250A Microscope Adaptor is normally specified at time of supply of the illumination system. Additional adaptors can be purchased when the system is to be transferred to another microscope. You will need to re-align the illumination system to the optical path of the new microscope. This is a simple task which will only take a few minutes. pE-100 illumination systems are currently supplied with a fixed adaptor and the light source must be returned to CoolLED to make this change. All other CoolLED illumination systems use exchangeable microscope adaptors.

Product Code: pE-Adaptor-YYY

To specify microscope code (YYY) see Adaptors  

pE-Dichroic-Mirror-Accessories-250A Dichroic Mirror is required to combine different channels of light into a single optical path and is selected in each case to match the corresponding LED wavebands in the CoolLED illumination system.

When the LED wavebands are exchanged, it may be necessary to change the dichroic mirror at the same time depending on the new wavelengths installed in the system. This item is used within the pE-Collimator and the pE-Combiner.

Product Code: 244-4312-XXX

To specify wavelength (XXX) see LED Wavelengths

Excitation Filter Holders are used in the pE-4000, pE-300ultra, pE-340furapE-2, pE-Combiner and some pE-100 systems.  They allow the user to insert standard 25mm diameter excitation filters into the optical path of the illumination system.  The benefit is that the excitation light can be filtered before it is delivered to the microscope or sample.  Filter wheels are no longer required on a microscope and a narrower waveband of excitation light delivered to a sample.

Excitation filter holders –
25mm Filter holder for the pE-2 pE-Collimator Product Code: 244-4325-25
25mm Filter holders for the pE-4000 (4 off) Product Code: pE-4000-EFH-4


pE-LAM-Accessories-250The modular pE-2 illumination system can accept interchangeable LAMs which the user can purchase and replace depending on the required wavelength for a specific experiment.  The pE-2 Light Source will automatically recognise the newly installed wavelengths and read the drive parameters for each wavelength.  The control pod will display the installed LED wavelengths.

Product Code: 244-5100-XXX for a single wavelength Product Code: 244-5100-XXX-XXX for a dual wavelength

To specify wavelength (XXX) see LED Wavelengths

pE-Light-Guide-Accessories-250All CoolLED’s pE-Series products can be specified with liquid light guide delivery. Standard configuration is 3mm diameter. Users can specify a 1.5m or 3m length. Download the leaflet here

Product Code: pE-1906

Product Code: pE-1908      




pE-Fiber-Accessories-250CoolLED’s pE-4000 and pE-100 illumination systems can be configured to accept a fiber via either an SMA or FC connector for connecting a wide range of fibers.

The user can source the fiber independently or request supply from CoolLED by specifying:-

Diameter in um (AAAA)
Numerical Aperture in mm (0BB)
Length in metres (C)
Termination 1 i.e. SMA, FC or C60- cleaved 60mm bare (DDD)
Termination 2 i.e. SMA, FC or C60-cleaved 60mm bare (EEE)

Product Code: pE-FAAAA-0BB-C-DDD-EEE

pE-Universal-Collimator-LLG-Accessories-250CoolLED’s pE-Universal Collimator delivers collimated light from a 3mm diameter liquid light guide to almost any microscope. It has two independently set optimisation parameters that can be configured for individual performance on all current and most older microscopes. Product Code: pE-10400S



CoolLED's pE-340fura is configurable to accept a particular UV compatible 3mm liquid light guide, which will ensure high transmission of the 340nm wavelength. An optional pE-340fura Universal Collimator is available if required.

Product Code: pE-340-FR-COLL-YYY