pE Combiner pE 100 x2 SQ


pE-Combiners combine two CoolLED illumination systems into a single optical path, and it is possible to use multiple pE-Combiners to support multiple systems on a microscope. These can be purchased as a package with wavelength-defined pE-100 illumination systems, and is an excellent configuration for dual staining applications.

An appropriate dichroic mirror is selected to match the LED wavelength, and an advanced version is available with excitation filter holders to filter the excitation light before it reaches the sample, to further enhance image contrast.

Product Code: 244-94-XXX-XXX-YYY
Product Code: 244-93-XXX-XXX-YYY – includes excitation filter holders

To specify wavelength (XXX) see LED Wavelengths
To specify microscope code (YYY) see Adaptors

Click here for pE-Combiner user manual.