Fluorescence image of 15 zebrafish larvae (fixed and stained with acridine orange) within the field of the Mesolens, which uses the CoolLED pE-4000 Illumination System.  A central portion of the image is shown enlarged at upper right: note the clarity of the retinal layers in the thin in-focus z level, which passes through the eye. This image shows how the Mesolens functions like a medium-power objective, but with 3 mm working distance and a 5 mm diameter field. The images could have sizes up to 400 Mb per channel per focal level.

Image courtesy of Gail McConnell (University of Strathclyde) and Brad Amos (University of Strathclyde and MRC Lab of Molecular Biology, Cambridge)

Read the full application note: LEDs Illuminate the Strathclyde Mesoscope