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Based in Shanghai, Huida Gene is a biopharmaceutical organisation that develops and produces therapeutics such as gene replacement and gene editing for rare single-gene disorders and chronic diseases.

In this application example, scientists used the CoolLED pE-800 on a Nikon ECLIPSE Ni-E microscope to scan tissue sections in order to determine the location of lesions. Cell climbing sheets were also imaged to count the cells and check their status. Multi-channel imaging was performed to visualise the nucleus with DAPI, the cytoskeleton with Alexa Fluor 488 and the mitochondria with Mitotrack Red.

pE 800 Huida Gene
Figure 1: The CoolLED pE-800 Illumination System fitted to a Nikon Eclipse Ni-E, Plan Apo 20x/0.75 objective, PCO age 4.0 camera, controlled using Nikon NIS Elements.

What did Huida Gene like about the CoolLED pE-800?

  • Choice of eight wavelengths
  • Fast switching speeds (< 7 µs is possible using TTL)
  • Impressive brightness and signal-to-noise for the 385 nm/470 nm/560 nm/590 nm channels used
  • The 740 nm LED is a very useful for imaging in the NIR

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