Share Your Science – The Easy Way!

Disseminating new discoveries has always been a mainstay of science in one shape or form, but with so many online channels, where do you start?

If you have been enjoying a CoolLED Illumination System, then we can help by working together to create an application note or written interview and sharing it far and wide with our well-established online audience.

From our perspective, we value objective and authentic information from scientists, sharing their experiences of our technology to reach those unaware of what LED illumination can do. So here’s why we should work together

Raise your profile

We’ll share your work via our website, e-newsletter and social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, WeChat, Facebook). This is particularly useful for PhD students or early career scientists.

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Minimum effort

We can make it as simple as a 30-minute phone call and approving the final document, then we do the rest and you can sit back and relax!


Invite collaborations

You never know who might read your work and contact you with fresh ideas – and we have readers spanning a huge variety of disciplines, applications, models, methods and countries.

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Support a charity

If you write your own application note, we say ‘thank you’ by donating £100 (or equivalent currency) to a registered charity of your choice.


How Does it Work?

Once you contact our Marketing Team, we will arrange a convenient time for an online meeting. This will generally cover points such as:

  • An introduction to you, your department and work
  • Why you chose LEDs
  • Your microscope setup
  • Which features of the Illumination System advance your work and why
  • Are there any images/videos or any published papers where readers can find out more?

We will then write the application note (if it’s purely about the science) or interview article (if you have a more general story to share, such as a new initiative). In a week or two, we will send you the draft version for your review and approval. Once approved, we will publish it on our website, social media channels and e-newsletter.

If this sounds of interest, please contact our Marketing Team.

Example Application Note

Studying immuno-oncology with the pE-300lite – Dr Debbie Wilkinson, Senior Microscopy Application Specialist at the University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen 1

Example Interview

Growing a Bio-Imaging Network in North America – Professor Alison North, Senior Director of the Bio-Imaging Resource Center, The Rockefeller University


Work With Us!

Contact Liz, Isy and Sandra in CoolLED’s Marketing Team to see how we can help share your science.


Request A Callback

    A member of our team will contact you within the next two working days