We’re always coming up with new ways to improve illumination irradiance. The 32E adaptor specially designed by the CoolLED R&D Team offers two main benefits for users of the Leica DMi8 and CoolLED pE-300 Series (Single Band variant):

  • Boosts irradiance by up to 3.2X*, delivering brighter images and higher quality data.
  • Reduces costs by removing the need for a fluorescence axis

For microscopists using a Leica DMi8 for Fura-2 imaging, the 33E adaptor, which also allows the transmission of light in the UV region,  is available for use with the pE-340fura Illumination System.

Blood vessel stained with TxRed (red) and GFP (green) using a CoolLED Illumination System liquid light guide version via the standard adaptor (left) and a direct fit Illumination System via the new CoolLED adaptor (right).


For more information, please contact your local reseller.


*Irradiance data setup: DMi8 with x40 0.6 NA objective, generic GFP/TxRed/DAPI filter set.