We’re always coming up with new ways to improve illumination irradiance. The 32E Unique Optical Coupler specially designed by the CoolLED R&D Team offers two main benefits for users of the Leica DMi8:

  • Boosts irradiance by up to 3.2X*, delivering brighter images and higher quality data
  • Reduces costs by removing the need for a fluorescence axis

For microscopists using a Leica DMi8 for Fura-2 imaging, the CoolLED 33E also allows the transmission of light in the UV region and is available for use with the pE-340fura Illumination System.

Blood vessel stained with TxRed (red) and GFP (green) using a CoolLED Illumination System liquid light guide version via the standard adaptor (left) and a direct fit Illumination System via the new CoolLED Unique Optical Coupler (right).


How to order

Please speak to your local Leica representative or contact your CoolLED Account Manager for more information.


*Irradiance data setup: DMi8 with x40 0.6 NA objective, generic GFP/TxRed/DAPI filter set.