Fluorescence imaging is often the mainstay of research microscopes. Thanks to a collaboration between Olympus, Kramer and CoolLED, three-channel fluorescence is now possible on the Olympus CX43 biological microscope to enhance routine pathology and teaching.

Added insights for routine pathology

Broad spectrum fluorescence means assays are no longer limited to the GFP region, allowing greater fluorophore flexibility. If a single fluorophore isn’t enough, two or three-channel assays are possible without upgrading to an expensive research microscope.

A simplified teaching approach

For educational establishments requiring small, portable microscopes, the CX43 can be easily moved between classrooms or transported to STEM events. It’s an ideal set-up for inspiring the next generation of microscopists with impressive multi-channel fluorescence images!

How does it work?

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CX43 Biological Microscope with illuminator

An adapted version of CoolLED’s pE-300white Illumination System now fits to the Olympus CX43 via Kramer Scientific’s Illuminator. Download leaflet here.

The pE-300white offers three independently controllable channels to cover a range of popular fluorophores. Operation is by software, TTL or simple control pod. Find out more information here.








How to order

Please speak to your local Olympus representative or contact your CoolLED Account Manager for more information.