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Thank you for your interest in our new pE-800 LED Illumination System for widefield fluorescence microscopy. What would you like to find out next?

From here you can either find out more information on the new product, find your local Reseller to discuss your specific microscopy requirements, or contact our support team for any questions related to the pE-800 or other LED illumination topics.

pE 800 LLG SQ


8-channel illumination and lightning fast control

  • 8 individually controllable channels
  • Broad spectrum from 365 nm – 740 nm
  • <7 µs TTL triggering
  • Sequence Runner
  • Software, TTL & analogue control

Find your local CoolLED Reseller

Wherever you are, the CoolLED pE-800 is available through our worldwide Resellers, including the major microscope manufacturers (Olympus, Nikon, Leica and Zeiss).


To discuss your system requirements, follow the link to find your local Reseller, or speak to your existing microscope supplier.

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