Demonstrating the functionality of the pE-300lite Light Source using a
pE-300ultra Light Source with 2.1.0 Firmware

There are two methods, covered in this document, that allow demonstration of a pE-300lite Light Source when using a pE-300ultra Illumination System.

Section 1 – Using the pE-300ultra Light Source with the pE-300ultra Control Pod for demonstrating as a pE-300lite Illumination System.
Section 2 – Using the pE-300lite Control Pod with the pE-300ultra Light Source.

1. Using a pE-300ultra Control Pod with the pE-300ultra Light Source to imitate a pE-300lite Illumination System

1.1. Start up the pE-300ultra so that it is at the main screen:

1.2. Hold ‘Mode’ until the ‘Settings’ page appears:


1.3. Press ‘Mode’ repeatedly to scroll through the ‘Info’ and ‘Diagnostics’ pages until you reach the ‘Demo Selection’ screen:


1.4. On the ‘Demo Selection’ screen, press any of the + or – buttons to scroll down to ‘Lite Demo’. Then either hold ‘Mode’ for a few seconds or leave ‘Lite Demo’ selected for 5 seconds and the system screen will change to that of a pE-300lite (there is also a prompt onscreen):

1.5. This ‘virtual’ pE-300lite does not save any settings such as the backlight, LED usage time or the last used irradiance setting but for all intents and purposes acts exactly as a pE-300lite.

1.6. Once the ‘Lite Demo’ mode is selected, the Light Source will remain as a pE-300lite and cannot be changed back to the pE-300ultra mode until the power is cycled; to return the system to its original form, simply power off the unit and restart it.


2. Using a pE-300lite Control Pod with a pE-300ultra Light Source

2.1. If the pE-300ultra Light Source is connected to the pE-300ultra Control Pod, firstly follow steps outlined in 1.1 – 1.5 above.

2.2. Disconnect the pE-300ultra Control Pod from the Light Source and connect the pE-300lite Control Pod.

2.3. The screen should now still show a single bar for the intensity. The pE-300lite Control Pod can now be used to control the pE-300ultra Light Source as a pE-300lite Illumination System where the LED irradiance is adjusted globally.


N.B. It is possible to use any type of pE-300 Series Control Pod with this firmware; though only the middle set of buttons will control the virtual
pE-300lite when using a pE-300ultra Control Pod, and respectively using a pE-300lite Control Pod whilst not in the ‘Lite Demo’ mode will only allow control of channel B.