Demonstrating the functionality of the pE-300lite Light Source
using a pE-300ultra Light Source

To allow the demonstration of a pE-300lite when using a pE-300ultra Illumination System, there are two options:

Using the pE-300ultra Control Pod (if you only have access to a pE-300ultra)

Using the pE-300lite Control Pod (if you have a pE-300ultra, and a pE-300lite Control Pod, this provides a more lifelike demonstration)

Screenshot 2023 11 02 095204
Screenshot 2023 11 02 095216

Using a pE-300ultra Control Pod with the pE-300ultra Light Source
to imitate a pE-300lite Illumination System

1. Start up the pE-300ultra so that it is at the main screen:

2. Hold ‘Mode’ until the ‘Settings’ page appears:

3. Press ‘Mode’ repeatedly to scroll through the ‘Info’ and ‘Diagnostics’ pages until you reach the ‘Demo Selection’ screen:

Screenshot 2023 11 02 095529
Screenshot 2023 11 02 095723
Screenshot 2023 11 02 095914

3.1 On the ‘Demo Selection’ screen, use the + or – buttons to scroll down to ‘Lite Demo’

4. Hold ‘Mode’ for a few seconds or leave ‘Lite Demo’ selected for five seconds and the screen will change to that of a pE-300lite 

4.1 If using the pE-300ultra Control Pod, use the middle set of +/- buttons to control intensity.

Screenshot 2023 11 02 100017
Screenshot 2023 11 02 100144
Screenshot 2023 11 02 100228

Note: This ‘virtual’ pE-300lite does not save any settings such as the backlight, LED usage time or the last used irradiance setting, but for demonstration purposes acts exactly as a pE-300lite.

5. To switch back to standard pE-300ultra operation, simply power off the Illumination System and restart it.

Screenshot 2023 11 02 100632

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