Conventional mercury based illuminators such as arc lamps and metal halide lamps require a warm up period before use and a cool down period after switch off before they can be safely used again. As a solid state device, LEDs switch on/off instantly and need only draw power when illumination is required.  Many laboratories leave the mercury based illuminators switched on all day to ensure its availability when required.  When an LED based illumination system is used, power consumption is significantly lower.

In addition to saving energy, the carbon footprint from using LEDs is trivial compared with mercury lamps.

Energy Consumption

Andy Evans of Green Light Laboratories has carried out independent testing of a CoolLED Illumination System compared with a traditional mercury bulb.  The case study detailing energy consumption data, and associated costs is detailed below:


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Proving our commitment to shaping a more sustainable future for microscopy around the world, the pE-300 Series is now ACT Label certified.

With almost 40% of energy at university campuses being used by laboratories, steps need to be taken to increase the sustainability of lab technology. That’s why we’ve strived to achieve ACT Label accreditation for the pE-300 Series.

What is ACT?
Introduced by My Green Lab, the ACT Label stands for accountability, consistency and transparency. It’s a means of measuring the Environmental Impact Factor of a product by reviewing the environmental impact of the product itself, its manufacturing process, packaging and disposal.

Why have ACT labelled products in your lab?
It allows institutions to purchase lab equipment with the knowledge they are not only helping the world they live in-but keeping energy, water and disposal costs down for themselves.

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WEEE statement

All qualifying products that are subject to the WEEE Directive and supplied by CoolLED are compliant with the WEEE marking requirements. Such products are marked with the “crossed out wheelie bin” WEEE symbol and in accordance with European Standard EN 50419.

CoolLED Certificate No: WEE/GB4236XX


RoHS statement

Based on information obtained from our component suppliers, this statement certifies that ALL products manufactured and supplied by CoolLED Ltd are in compliance with Directive 2011/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 8 June 2011 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (also known as “RoHS”).

This declaration is correct to the best of CoolLED Ltd knowledge, information and belief at the date of its release.

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CoolLED’s Recycling Program

At CoolLED, we recognize the importance of preserving the global environment. We are proud to provide a Recycling Program that enables CoolLED customers and end-users to send back used CoolLED Light Sources for recycling, free of charge.

Together we can reduce the burden on our environment through responsible disposal and recycling of End‑of‑Life Light Sources. You can help us by filling in our online contact form and providing us with your contact details and the serial number of the CoolLED Light Source that you wish to return and we will collect it free of charge.

If you are taking delivery of a replacement CoolLED Light Source, why not send the old one back in the packing box of the new one?