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Fast, Controllable LED Illumination for Fura-2

Xenon be gone, peak through the slit and be LED into the light…the pE-340fura

As they bask in the success of their new brighter world, the magicians in the CoolLED cave have been working furiously into the night driven by their favourite calcium enriched drinks.

Achieved through partnership with The University of Strathclyde, CoolLED are excited to announce the latest leap forward in LED illumination for microscopy.

Utilizing the highly successful pE-300 Series platform, the pE-340fura is a bespoke LED Illumination System for Fura-2 ratiometric calcium imaging, which also supports everyday fluorescence microscopy in a compact and affordable package.

Launching in September 2017, the pE-340fura will offer:

  • Dedicated 340nm and 380nm outputs for Fura-2 ratiometric calcium imaging
  • A broad white output to allow sample healthy cells to be distinguished from dying cells using dyes such as Propidium Iodide (PI) or separate imaging with common fluorophores (CFP GFP/FITC, YFP, Tritc/TxRed/mCherry, Cy5 and similar).
  • TTL inputs via convenient BNC connections for precise illumination control in as little as 20 microseconds
  • USB for imaging software control

Pre-launch testing with Fura-2 users across the UK and Europe has already shown this to be ground-breaking technology.“As good as or better than proven solutions based on Xenon technology at what will be a lower cost with no bulbs to replace and massively reduced electrical consumption.”
“New levels of signal to noise and control precision which give new found experimental benefits.”

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