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Are you Using the Best Filter Sets for LED Fluorescence?

The discovery and development of fluorescent molecules for use in scientific imaging has been hugely important for the advancement of a number of research fields, including biology and material sciences. The increase in use of fluorescence imaging techniques has led a drive to improve light source technology. Traditional mercury and halide lamps are being replaced by LED light sources that provide experimental, practical and environmental benefits. At the same time, this is pushing optical filter companies to create a broader range of filters, optimised for individual fluorescence molecules and LED wavelengths. However, optical filters can be confusing and many experiments are conducted without the correct filter configuration. This can lead to experimental conditions that are suboptimal and results that are inaccurate. 

CoolLED’s Danielle Love reviews the impact of LEDs on fluorescence imaging and considers the various benefits of optimal LED filtering.  Click here to read the paper



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