Win a four month loan of a pE-300ultra Illumination System

Labs around the world are quickly replacing toxic mercury and metal halide lamps with fast, efficient and controllable LED Illumination Systems for widefield microscopy – and there are many reasons for this.  We’re offering a lucky winner of our prize draw the chance to experience the benefits first-hand with a four month loan of our most popular Illumination System – the pE-300ultra.


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    For a chance to win your own pE-300ultra, enter our Image in an Image competition. All you need is an ‘image’ in a light microscopy image like “The Eye of Sauron” by Alfonso Schmidt below. Not sure what we mean? Find out more here


    “Eye of Sauron” by Alfonso Schmidt

    What is the CoolLED pE-300ultra?

    The pE-300ultra is a fast, controllable and broad spectrum LED Illumination System which is ideal for everyday widefield fluorescence microscopy and covers the excitation bands of common fluorophores. Operation is by a remote manual control pod with instant on/off and irradiance control from 0-100%. 

    • Three individually controllable channels
    • Removable excitation filter holders for fast, high-contrast imaging
    • Broad spectrum
    • Sequence runner for affordable automation
    • TTL and USB Control

    CoolLED’s Microscopy Illumination Product Range

    In addition to the pE-300ultra, LED microscope lighting systems are available for a range of fluorescence microscopy and transmitted illumination applications.
    Browse our complete product range to discover which system is best suited to your requirements.