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CoolLED is recruiting

Due to strong growth in its core market and opportunities to expand CoolLED is looking to strengthen its R&D department with a Product Development Manager

Appetite controlled by a cholecystokinin nucleus of the solitary tract to hypothalamus neurocircuit

Obesity and its health effects is a major problem and that is becoming more prevalent. Researching the cells in the brain that are affected by food intake and satiety mechanisms is important and may lead to other forms of intervention beyond dietary control.

CoolLED are proud to announce 10 years collaboration with Medipan

The CoolLED team had a great time visiting its partners Medipan recently. It was also a perfect opportunity to present them with an award in celebration of 10 years successful collaboration.

CoolLED Ambassadors for Teen Tech

CoolLED had a remarkable time yesterday at the local Teen Tech event in Basingstoke.

Self-organized centripetal movement of corneal epithelium in the absence of external cues

This recent article in Nature Communications is an intriguing example of marrying a mathematical model of cell fate tracing with biology data

CoolLED is Recruiting

CoolLED has an exciting opportunity for a Mechanical Design Engineer to join our growing R&D team

CoolLED welcomes Nick Sullivan

CoolLED is very pleased to welcome Nick Sullivan to the team as Production Engineer.

Welcome to the team – Alex Gramann

CoolLED is pleased to welcome Alex Gramann to the R&D Team.  Alex joins us as Product Development Engineer.

Open Calcium Conference 12th July

CoolLED is excited to be sponsoring the Open Calcium Conference this year on 12th July. Our CoolLED team will be there to greet you and demonstrate our pE-340fura.

CoolLED welcomes Chris Deeks to the team

CoolLED is excited to welcome Chris Deeks to the team.  Chris joins us as Field Sales Manager for UK and Ireland.

Welcome to the Team – Brad Reynolds

It is with great pleasure that CoolLED welcomes Brad Reynolds to the team. Brad will be responsible for field sales management across the US East Coast.

Welcome to the team Danielle Love

CoolLED is pleased to welcome Danielle Love to the team.. Danielle will be the Field Sales Manager for Southern & Central Europe

Undergraduate contest “Scientists of Tomorrow”

CoolLED & Nanolive invite you to participate in the undergraduate contest “Scientists of Tomorrow”

CoolLED welcomes Brynn Dachtler to the Team

CoolLED are pleased to welcome Brynn Dachtler to the team.  Brynn has joined the R&D Team as a Development Engineer.

Distributor+ Alan Tilley with Atlantic Imaging spreading the word on CoolLED

Fantastic to see one of our CoolLED Distributor+ companies Atlantic Imaging representing CoolLED at Oxford Neuroscience yesterday.   

European Placement Network brings Daniston Lenie-Franco to CoolLED

We are proud to welcome Daniston LENIE-FRANCO, a French student studying a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering.

How our CoolLED pE-300 contributes to Marine Science Research

This paper interested me in two main ways. Firstly it is an area of research that I’m unfamiliar and secondly it was an unusual use of one of our LED light sources in fluorescence microscopy.

Applying microscopy to understand skin fragility disorders

Epithelial cells and the sheets they produce, including our skin, are incredibly strong thanks
to their internal keratin filament cytoskeleton networks

CoolLED pE-4000 working with cultured hippocampal neurons.

At Eötvös Lóránd University we investigate activity-dependent forms of synaptic plasticity and homeostatic regulation of intrinsic excitability of mouse hippocampal neurons.

DAPI to Cy7 and Beyond – There is a Real Buzz to our Light this Year.

From April 2018 the pE-4000 will benefit from improved LED technology giving enhanced intensity and reduced power usage.

Would you like to be part of this?

Hearing how CoolLED LED Illumination Systems contribute to and improve the work of our customers fills us with a great deal of satisfaction and pride!

CoolLED welcomes Lynsey Burton to the team!

Lynsey offers a wide range of experience in microscopy and imaging techniques which will be valuable to CoolLED customers.

New Optogenetic Tools Tested with a CoolLED pE-4000

This is a superb paper on engineered optogenetic tools that shift wavelengths from the normal excitation wavelengths, which also have stability in vivo and have altered kinetics

Reduce the increasing burden of human fungal disease in the developed and developing world.

The Manchester Fungal Infection Group (MFIG) was created in 2013 within the University of Manchester