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Students learn about the digital jobs of the future with CoolLED

Over 300 students from 24 schools in North Hampshire came together to discover current and future digital careers in the technology industry from businesses themselves.

Maggie Philbin OBE led the day on Thursday 20th June at Hampshire Court Hotel inspiring students with her own journey and experience of how technology is constantly evolving.

CoolLED is proud to have been a part of the event that inspired young people into our industry. At the beginning and end of the day students were asked questions about their perception and interest in technology careers. At the end of the day 72% said they would now consider a career in technology.

Maggie Philbin OBE, TeenTech Founder, ‘TeenTech Hampshire is now in its 8th year. We now have past attendees that attended at the first TeenTech, who were inspired by those companies that exhibited and are now working for them in the technology industries.’

‘I never fail to be impressed by the imaginative participation of all the young people and the care and preparation of all the businesses taking place. It really is the most powerful way to inspire young people across digital and scientific industries.’

Young people learned about the vast range of careers available in the technology industry through a practical approach. In small groups of 10, they explored three technology zones Challenge, Insight and Innovation with their STEM Ambassador.

In the Challenge Zone organisations set a technology challenge which young people have a set time to achieve. The Insight Zone give young people had an insight into the technology organisations use in their work place daily through a hands-on approach. The Innovation Zone gave young people develop the opportunity to develop their own future technology.

Our business was in the Insight Zone where students were given the task of making food fluoresce under UV light.

Other companies included AWE in the Challenge Zone set young people the task of creating a chariot with spikes they then had to navigate to pop as many balloons as possible which taught young people engineering skills combined with creativity whilst having fun. In the Insight Zone De La Rue taught young people about the process of making money and showed them counterfeit notes.’

In the Innovation Zone the key ideas from the groups of young people featured around recycling and reducing plastics; and how to create more renewable energy from our everyday activities.

Ken Rhatigan, The Leader of Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council said, ‘It is great businesses want to be involved, they know that young people are the talent and youth of the future.’

The event gives businesses the opportunity to invest in their future recruitment plan by inspiring young people from an early age to consider STEM careers and ensure they gain the right skills the workplace requires.

TeenTech is organised by EBP South, supported by Southern Universities Network (SUN Partnership), AWE, Fujitsu, De La Rue, Thermofisher Scientific and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

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