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CoolLED welcomes Dinos Eleftheriadis

It is with great pleasure that CoolLED welcomes Dinos Eleftheriadis to the R&D team. 

Dinos is a BEng Mechanical Engineering graduate from Kingston University where he focused on automation applications and vehicle aerodynamics analysis as part of his dissertation. In 2014 he joined our sister company Scientifica where he developed an interest and expertise in microscopy equipment. Dinos has a wealth of skills in mechanical project management along with in-depth experience of designing opto-mechanical systems. He also has experience in developing new products for the life science industry and OEM systems for individual laboratories.

Dinos has joined CoolLED as the newest Mechanical Design Engineer in the R&D department. He will be assisting with projects and developing new innovative products for fluorescence microscopy.

Outside work, Dinos likes to travel abroad often, in order to keep his horizons open and learn about new cultures.  When he isn’t travelling, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

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