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ASCB 2019

Meeting: ASCB 2019
Location: Washington
Dates: 8-10 December 2019 
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#TBC

SFN 2019

Meeting: SFN 2019
Location: Chicago
Dates: 19-23 October 2019 
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#TBC

MMC 2019

Meeting: MMC 2019
Location: Manchester
Dates: 1-4 July 2019 
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#212

ELMI 2019

Meeting: ELMI 2019
Location: Brno, Czech Republic
Dates: 4-7 June 2019 
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#19

ISM 2019

Meeting: ISM 2019
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Dates: 29 May 2019 
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#11

FOM 2019

Meeting: FOM 2019
Location: London, UK 
Dates: 14-17th April 2019
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#29 

EMBO 2019

Meeting: EMBO 2019
Location: Plymouth
Dates: 27 March – 6 April 
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth


Meeting: NDORMS 2019
Location: Oxford, UK 
Dates: 5th March 2019
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth

Biophysical Society 2019

Meeting: Biophysical Society 2019
Location: Maryland, USA
Dates: 2-6th March
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#452 

Photonics West 2019

Meeting: Photonics West 2019
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Dates: 5-7th February 2019
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth# 4171

BIOS 2019

Meeting: BIOS 2019
Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Dates: 2-3rd February 2019
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#8130

MSI 2019

Meeting: MSI 2019
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Dates: 15-16 January 2019 
Exhibitor: CoolLED

LM Facility Managers Meeting 2019

Meeting: LM Facility Managers Meeting 
Location: Liverpool, UK
Dates: 3-4th January 2019
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#TBC

ASCB 2018

Meeting: ASCB 2018
Location: San Diego 
Dates: December 8-12th 2018
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#810

The Scottish Microscopy Group’s 46th Annual Symposium

Meeting: The Scottish Microscopy Group’s 46th Annual Symposium 
Location: Aberdeen 
Dates: 5th December 2018
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth# TBC 

Nikon IIT

Meeting: Nikon IIT 
Location: Genova, Italy 
Dates: 3-6th Decemeber 
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth#TBC

Neuroscience 2018

Meeting: Neuroscience 2018
Location: San Diego 
Dates: November 3-7th 
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth# 1023

SPAOM 2018

Meeting: SPAOM 
Location: Granada, Spain
Dates: 24-26th October 2018
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth# 19

I2SL 2018

Meeting: I2SL 
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina  
Dates: October 14-17th 2018
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth# 3

European Calcium Society 

Meeting: European Calcium Society 
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Dates: September 9th- 13th 2018
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth# TBC

CaSign Workshop 2018

08Meeting: CaSign Workshop
Location: Belgium, Germany
Dates: 5th September 2018
Exhibitor: CoolLED

FENS 2018

Meeting: FENS 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany  
Dates: 7-11 July 2018
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth #29

Frontiers in BioImaging 2018

Meeting: Frontiers in BioImaging 
Location: University of Strathclyde
Dates: 27-28th June 

ELMI 2018

Meeting: ELMI 2018
Location: Dublin
Dates: 5-8th June
Exhibitor: CoolLED booth #23